Career Areas

Clean Harbors Chemical Packing Services provide technical expertise and extensive resources to handle laboratory chemicals, highly hazardous and reactive chemicals, radioactive materials, cylinders and compressed gases. Clean Harbors CleanPack® Chemists are experts in chemical recognition, categorization and packaging. They perform lab packing for schools, hospitals, research laboratories, as well as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

Why work for Clean Harbors? Our CleanPack® Chemists tell us that they stay with Clean Harbors for the long haul because:

  • We care about your safety.
  • We take our employees safety as our No. 1 priority whether they are at work, at home or in transit. Either if you are mandated to work at a college or university, pharmaceutical company, manufacturing form or any other location, you will be given the training on the regulations associated with the transportation and disposal of hazardous waste. Learn more about our Commitment to Safety.

  • We are a strong and diverse team.
  • Today, Clean Harbors is a diverse team that provides its customers unparalleled industry experience and leadership. Many of our management team members started their careers as a CleanPack® Chemist and today they hold several executive and senior leadership positions.

  • We provide industry-leading training.
  • Clean Harbors provides our employees with top of the line training. As a Field Chemist, you can expect to receive different types of training throughout your career including: safety training, regulatory compliance training, transportation training, job skills training to increase competency skills, and supervisor/leadership development training.

  • We establish career goals.
  • At Clean Harbors we will define together your career goals and objectives. Whether it is a career in operations, sales, environmental compliance, safety or other business departments, we can help you find the right career path for you.

  • We have a field-based work environment.
  • If you do not wish to have a desk or laboratory job, this would be the perfect role for you. As a CleanPack® Chemist, you will visit our customer’s locations and perform a wide range of tasks associated with transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.

  • We take pride in taking care of our customers.
  • Customer satisfaction is a core value at Clean Harbors. Our Chemists are the front line to assure that we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations every single time. Not only do they take exceptional care of their customers but they also go above and beyond making them feel like they are family.